Saturday, June 21, 2008

Writing Prompt #1

OK, today I am posting a writing prompt. For those of you who are new to this kind of thing, a writing prompt is a tool to get you started, basically. It doesn't matter what you write either; poetry, essays, short stories, etc. The prompt works for any of it. Also, a prompt can be a word, a phrase, a photo...most anything. For our first blog prompt, I am going to use a couple photos I found on the net.

Here are the first two photo prompts. Take a look and see what kind of ideas start to form. Use either picture, or both if you'd like. Maybe they bring to mind a story from your childhood. Run with it. Maybe they form the basis for one or two poems. Go for it.

One rule: Have fun with it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Book Recommendation

Group member Chrissy McVay has a big hit with her first book Souls of the North Wind. It has been described as "reminiscent of Jack London’s Call of the Wild" and is hailed as not only entertaining but educational as well. It is the adventure of two young inuit boys crossing the dangerous tundra, a mythical beast in hot pursuit. You've got to read this book.

Chrissy is working on a sequel to Souls of the North Wind. More information on her writing can be found at

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starting Over Again

Hi. I'm Susan and I run the Mayland Writers' Group.

I started this blog months back, and then gave it up when it didn't seem there was much interest from the group. But, here I am again. I will try to keep it going this time with updates from the group, hightlights of members' published works, writing prompts/ideas, etc.

This time around, I want to showcase member Walter Rein's first book Wonderful Wawa's Words of Wisdom. This book is both funny and thought provoking. You know you are in for an interesting read when at the beginning you see a warning: WARNING: The Believer General has determined that reading this book could be harmful to your faith. You can read a summary and/or purchase the book at and other online bookstores. It's a great read and I look forward to more from Walter's so very creative mind.


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