Friday, March 27, 2009

Literary Magazines

Here are some literary magazines that are accepting submissions. We're highlighting those that take electronic submissions although some of them also accept snail mail manuscripts if you prefer. Check out their websites for more information.

Returning to print after a four year hiatus is XENITH. This magazine accepts many forms of writing, not just fiction. Pieces can be as short as you want, but should not be any longer than 8,000 words. Response time is usually one to two months, which isn't too bad actually. You can get more information on their submission page.

Epiphany only publishes two print and two online issues a year, but it could be worth checking out. Mind you, their response time is five months at least, so there is a bit of a wait. They are currently so flooded with submissions they are holding off accepting any more until May, but it wouldn't hurt to take the time to familiarize yourself with the magazine.

I think this description of Pank speaks for itself: "PANK comes from the end of the road, the edge of things, a north shore, up country, a place of amalgamation, and unplumbed depths, where things are made and unmade, and unimagined futures are born. PANK is a ghost town around the next bend. It is hidden in caves in the withered hills. It is buried under impassable drifts of snow. An Ultima Thule, PANK – no soft pink hands here. It bears old scars, fresh scabs, callous, blood, and dirt. It is serene melancholy, spiritual longing, quirk, and anomaly. PANK inhabits its contradictions." It only publishes one print issue a year, but it's online monthly. Take a look at their submission guidelines for more info.

Friday, March 13, 2009

12½ Writing Rules

I saw this poster online and thought it would be perfect to post on our blog.

Now go write something.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Walter Rein

Today we're celebrating the birthday of group member Walter Rein.

Besides being a continuous contributor to our little group, Walter has published two books: Wonderful Wawa's Words of Wisdom (which can be found on and The Purple Rain in Zanzibar, his children's book which besides being carried by the publisher and Amazon, will soon appear nationwide on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.

I'm sure Walter is spending his birthday today with his wonderful wife, Janell, another person we all adore.


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Purple Rain in Barnes & Noble

Dr. Seuss was born 105 years ago today. And what better way to celebrate than to give a pat on the back to a group member whose children's book, in my humble opinion, is a work of art along the lines of anything Seuss did?

Walter Rein was informed by his publisher (Grateful Steps) that Barnes & Noble will be carrying his book The Purple Rain in Zanzibar in their stores nationwide. This is wonderful news and we are very proud of both Walter and illustrator Jack Ferrell.



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