Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Broken Hearts

August was a pretty bad month for members of our little group.

On August 20th, we lost beloved group member Walter Rein. He had been "living with leukemia" (as he always said) for several years, and was doing very well on a new series of treatments. But he developed a secondary infection that his body just couldn't fight and within a couple days, he was gone.

Walter was a wonderful writer and spent the past several years publishing many books. You can look him up on Amazon, and purchase his works, there are several. His second and last novel will be coming out soon as well, as his wife Janell is working hard to make sure that happens.

We will always miss Walter, and we are all grateful for having had him in our lives.

On August 21st, group member Alessa Leming lost her mom after a long battle with cancer. (That's Alessa on the left, her mom in the red next to her.) Linda Edwards was a writer as well and also has a book up on Amazon called "After Julia". Please do go and check it out.

Linda was another fun and creative person who leaves a big empty spot in the world with her passing.

It has been over two months since these two bright lights were extinguished, and it still feels like yesterday. But, amid all the sadness and sorrow of these passings, there are many happy memories to hold on to and share.


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