Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Birthday of the Year

I do hate photos of myself, but since I've done this to other members of the group, it's only fair I post mine here as well. I'm 39 today, and like Jack Benny, I may just stay 39 for the rest of my life. :-)

For the record, besides "running" our little group, I write poetry, essays, short stories and (hopefully) a novel. I also knit, read like crazy and recently started my own pet sitting business.


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Clive said...

You might want to stay 39, but if you keep on adding a year every 365 days, you will have 20 more good years then wish you could stay 59.......
So live, love, laugh, and write much.....the best is yet to come......
Mary Hooper
PS Google system unable to get it that i have my own account, so this is posted from the account of my SO.


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