Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Congratulations Suzan McCoury

Congratulations are in order for group member Suzan Tanner McCoury. Her children's novel The Crystal Swan was recently published by Grateful Steps Publishing. The description on the publisher's website reads:

"No one would suspect that a mysterious adventure could start in a nursing home, but that is precisely what happened to thirteen-year old Leah Ward. Leah wanted to spend time with her friends. The last thing on her mind that fateful day was to go with her mother on a visit to Shady Springs rest home. A reluctant teenager went with her mother and was given an object that would change the way she saw the world forever.
The Crystal Swan is a little bit mystery and a little bit adventure. It follows the story of a thirteen-year old girl who receives an unusual gift. The gift changes the course of the end of one school year through the beginning of another. Follow along with Leah and discover the mystery of, The Crystal Swan."

This is Suzan's second book and can be purchased at the publisher's website, on Amazon.com or through your local bookstore. Her first novel, the self-published The Most Unusual Adventures of Black Shadow Smokey and The Blue Streak, can be found on Amazon.com or through your local bookstore.

Besides being a member of our little group, Suzan belongs to The Society of Children's Book Writers and The Appalachian Author's Guild. We look forward to her future works.

Congratulations, Suzan.

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